2019 NIHSA Registration

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Please read and agree to abide by these Selby Bay Sailing Center rules. *

Usage: Each rented wet slip shall be used only for the purpose of storing one renter boat

Warranty: SBSC provides no warranty relating to renter use of rented slips and assumes no responsibility for the care of or the risk to any boat, property or person as it is the obligation of the renter to properly secure renter boat(s) and property to high ground, safely and prior to, impending severe conditions. Examples include but are not limited to: forecasted severe weather, hurricane or similar cyclonic type named storms, tidal warnings in excess of documented averages, etc.

Risk: SBSC hereby states that renter is entirely at-risk. SBSC renter at-risk statement: SBSC, nor its agents, shall be liable to renter, or to any person claiming through renter, or to any person claiming on behalf of renter, for; injury or death to person(s), damage to property, or any loss resulting from any cause whatsoever. Furthermore, renter knowledge, understanding and acceptance of this renter at-risk statement is hereby mandated by SBSC.

Renter liability: Renter is responsible for any damage to any property, including, but not limited to, boats, structures, facilities, and equipment of SBSC and/or the surrounding neighborhood and/or the surrounding marinas.

Rules: Renter shall have the right to use SBSC facilities, including auto and boat parking areas, piers, hoist, carts, picnic areas, water and electricity. Facility use is subject to the following rules:
• Any conduct interfering with the safety, privacy and/or pleasure of other tenants or neighbors is unacceptable.
• Excessive speed on the roads leading into SBSC and on the facility grounds will not be tolerated. The neighborhood and SBSC consider 15 mph as the local speed limit. Use caution and watch for children!
• Park automobiles parallel to the boats and close together. Do not park outside of SBSC facility grounds. See the facility site map on the website for parking configuration and facility layout. If parking does not appear to be available, please ask for assistance at the facility “office” indicated by the signage on the office door at our main building.
• At no time shall any automobile be driven onto the launching pier platform area, for any reason.
• SBSC launching carts are tools of the facility for the launch and retrieval of private tenant boats. Cart use does not typically apply to NIHSA sailing operations. Carts are not to be used for amusement.
• No dogs or pets of any kind are allowed on the facility grounds. No exceptions.
• Parents: please do not allow children to throw rocks into the water.
• These and all posted rules are to be observed at all times.

Please read and agree to this waiver for participation in NIHSA. *

All persons applying for membership in the National Institutes of Health Sailing Association (NIHSA) are required to read, agree to, and sign this waiver before using any NIHSA facilities, participating in any NIHSA organized activities, and/or using any NIHSA equipment.

I understand that sailing is an activity with inherent risks including, but not limited to, injury from falling onto, falling-off of, bumping into, or being struck by, various parts of a boat, dock, or other sailing-related objects. I understand that injury may occur due to inappropriate action on my part, on the part of others, equipment failure, weather, cold, heat, humidity, and other environmental factors. Injury may also occur during travel to, from, and during NIHSA organized events. I understand that such risks include not only injury, but also death due to drowning or other causes.

Having read this waiver, and in consideration of my participation, and understanding the risks associated with sailing, I assume all these risks, and do for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assignees waive, release, and forever discharge any and all rights and claims which may have or which hereafter accrued to me against the NIH Recreation and Welfare Association, the R&W Board, NIHSA, and any officers, instructors, members, and employees thereof, along with any sponsors and their representatives and successors.

Please download the NIHSA Guidebook and agree to the club rules *

I have downloaded the NIHSA Guidebook 2019 by clicking on the link below this form, and I will abide by the guidebook.