Membership Information

Flying Scots are 19-ft sloop-rigged centerboard daysailers. The Club owns a fleet of five Flying Scots, which are maintained in slips at Selby Bay. Members qualify to charter by completing the club’s Basic Training course, or by demonstrating their competence in a comprehensive checkout sail.

Charter fees range from $12 for a weekday morning to $24 for a half-day on the weekend (more on that here). These low rates are possible because members take care of the boats, and all charterers are required to do their share of maintenance. We also organize a club regatta series every year along with opportunities for big boat sails and group cruises.

How to Register

If you were a member in good standing last year, you'll get a notice through our listserv explaining how to register.

If you're new to the club, contact us and we'll get you set up!

Membership Types

We offer three different levels of membership. All members must be R&W members in the current year. Please read the following to determine which level is right for you.

Full Membership:

Open to all NIH/NOAA employees, NIH patients, contractors, and employees of other Federal Agencies located on the NIH Campus. Full membership is required to charter the Flying Scots and to take the Basic Training course.

Associate Member:

For children (18 years and older), spouses (or equivalent) or parents sharing the same household with an NIHSA Full Member. Same rights and responsibilities as Full membership.

Social Member:

For those who would like to participate in all NIHSA activities except chartering the Flying Scots or taking the Basic Sailing class.

Full Membership -
Sponsor Level:

For those eligible for full membership who would like to support NIHSA above and beyond the Full Membership level.

Special Cases: Those who volunteer to teach in the Basic Sailing Class receive free membership, however still must also be R&W members in the current year. There is an option on the payment screen to purchase only the $9 R&W fee if this applies to you and you are not already an R&W member. You will still need to complete our registration form so we have you in our records.