The NIHSA Racing Program offers Club members a chance to participate in sailboat racing as skipper, crew, or race committee. Besides the excitement of competition, racing provides added experience in new sailing techniques, encourages better sailing and fosters an awareness of the attention required to maintain a boat in top racing form.

Club Regattas

The club sponsors monthly intramural regattas using the club’s five Flying Scots. Club members at any level of experience are welcome to participate. The skipper should have some racing experience, at least as crew, and he/she may choose one crew member. The third member of the crew is chosen by lot, and should be at least a restricted helmsman or equivalent, so that every club member has a chance to participate. Any club member may apply to assist the racing committee. Our aim is to give both racers and racing committee participants experience in racing techniques and procedures. To this end, we run more races on shorter courses. The season, which includes 5 monthly regattas, culminates in the Intramural Championship (Hot Shot Regatta) started by Sue Hauser in 1979. The year’s monthly regatta winners compete for the revolving Intramural Championship Trophy.

Prior to each race, the racing chair will announce by email that sign-ups are open. Skipper/crew pairs and third crew are assigned places on a first-come first-served basis. New Club members interested in racing can contact the racing chair for more information.

NIHSA 2019 Regatta Schedule

  • Regatta 1 – Saturday May 11: 8 am-2 pm

  • Regatta 2 – Sunday June 9: 8 am-2 pm

  • Regatta 3 – Sunday July 13: 8 am-2 pm

  • Regatta 4 – Sunday August 11: 8 am-2 pm

  • Regatta 5 – Saturday September 7: 8 am-2 pm

  • Make-up Regatta – Sunday September 21: 8 am-2 pm

  • Hot Shot Regatta – Sunday September 29: 9am-2 pm

  • Hot Shot Make-up Regatta – Saturday October 5: 8 am-2 pm

More Information About NIHSA Racing

Other Racing Opportunities

Our area offers a wide variety of opportunities to race at various levels:

  • Casual or informal racing gives members a chance to learn about racing in a relaxed atmosphere prior to racing in Club regattas.

  • NIHSA pays for two boats for club-rated, current year members to race in Flying Scot Fleet 42 races. Fleet 42 Wednesday Evening Races: arrive at 4 pm; race at 6 pm. Regular day sails may be used.
    2018 Saturday Series (May 5, May 13 (Sun), May 19, June 30, July 1, July 5): arrive at 9 am; skippers meeting at 10 am. Regular day sails may be used.

  • Advanced racers are encouraged to take the Club boats to the West River Sailing Club (race with Flying Scot Fleet 97) and other CBYRA-sanctioned regattas. NIHSA racing sails may be used.

  • Members can race in the Summer Solstice Regatta in June at Selby Bay Sailing Center. NIHSA racing sails may be used.

  • There are also many opportunities on the Bay to gain wider experience by crewing on other boats, from one-design dinghies to cruising classes. Checkout Spinsheet for local racing information.

  • Further racing training and education are provided by NIHSA and other sailing association clinics, seminars and symposia throughout the year.

  • NIHSA's dry-sailed Flying Scot is available for Flying Scot Fleet 42 races (to request a checkout contact

NIHSA Intramural Champions

Hot Shot Regatta Winners, 1979-Present

  • 1979: Joan Beerweiler

  • 1980: Werner Falk

  • 1981: J. A. Bluestone

  • 1982: Rick Newell, Jr.

  • 1983: Rick Newell, Jr.

  • 1984: Peter Alterman

  • 1985: Huber Warner

  • 1986: Jerry Edge

  • 1987: Bob Lechner

  • 1988: Anne Bastian

  • 1989: Anne Bastian

  • 1990: John Stout

  • 1991: Dennis Cain

  • 1992: John Stout

  • 1993: Deborah Parshall

  • 1994: Dennis Cain

  • 1995: Huber Warner

  • 1996: John Stout

  • 1997: Bob Strang

  • 1998: Steve Lord

  • 1999: Peter Preusch

  • 2000: Marika Kullberg

  • 2001: Rainald Zeuner

  • 2002: Milt Axley

  • 2003: Ryszard Pluta

  • 2004: Ryszard Pluta

  • 2005: Harry Brodie

  • 2006: John Stout

  • 2007: Nick Tountas

  • 2008: Lev Sirota

  • 2009: Ulla Buchholz

  • 2010: Antonio Rebelo

  • 2011: Antonio Rebelo

  • 2012: Beda Brichacek

  • 2013: John Stout

  • 2014: Beda Brichacek

  • 2015: Matthias Lingemann

  • 2016: Christiam Camacho

  • 2017: Ulla Buchholz

  • 2018: Matthias Lingemann

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